Training Area




  • The membership data in this training area is not intended to represent any current members, clubs, districts and/or multiple districts within Lions Clubs. If it does, it was not intentional.
  • Any membership activity done in the training area will not affect and/or impact your clubs/districts/multiple districts, actual membership numbers and/or information.
  • Data in this training area will be refreshed to its initial starting point every month, or, whenever LCI deems it necessary. At this time there is no set time or day of the month that this refresh will occur.
  • Each time you use the training area, you may/will be given a different training classroom to work in. This means that the data may/will be different from your last use of the training area.
  • The data in the training area (classroom) that you are assigned, and the membership activity you enter in during your training session will only be accurate for the duration of your training session.
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